Christmas! Glitter+Cut Paper!

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer sneezed and got his red nose glitter all over the place! The kids enjoyed creating cut paper flip-flops where they would create negative and positive space with the cut out shapes of Christmas trees and other shapes! And of course we couldn’t resist the fluffiness of pom-poms!

Aluminum Sculptures

Aluminum is a household item that can be easily turned into an art project! Kids used the aluminum to create all kinds of sculptures and some of them created clothes with the aluminum and became warriors with aluminum swords, or princesses with beautiful silver crowns!

Halloween Masks

The kids at the Boys Club could not wait for Halloween so NSS volunteers grabbed candy and a bunch of materials to make scary masks! Some of them were too frightening for us to handle! The kids were so excited they put on a theatre show and wanted to model walk their new characters!


Last fall in August, students took one characteristic of themselves and personified it through drawings with colored pencil, ink, or crayon. Here is one of the students with one of our volunteers! Volunteers work closely with the students encouraging them to not accept failure and keep on drawing!

COD Volunteer